Anthony Tony Russell

He's lovable, affable, gregarious, hilarious… A funny man!

Anthony (Tony) Russell originally from Newark, New Jersey, came to Hollywood in 1967 to persue a career in show business. Tony is multi-faceted being an actor, stand-up comedian, singer, musician, composer and night club entertainer. He came into prominence as “Tony Russo” on the ABC Television Network's hilarious sitcom, "Life with Bonnie" starring Bonnie Hunt. Tony says, "Bonnie changed my life. After many years of struggle, she wrote the part for me and fought with the network to hire me. I owe her a debt of gratitude that I'll probably never be able to repay". As an actor, Tony appeared in numerous films and television shows. As a comedian, he appeared on many of the talk shows, worked in Las Vegas, as well as many corporate gigs and performing arts centers. He's also a member of the acclaimed Actors Studio where he appeared in many stage productions. Tony says, ‘Throughout all my struggles my wife Rosemarie believed in my talent and never questioned what I was doing. She was always behind me 100%. Rosemarie is the love of my life.’
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